To help you pick the right size and avoid returns, we do our best to provide measurements on as many products as possible ; you'll find them in a table on a picture on each product description page. Browse the pictures to find it.

Now you have found them, here's how to use them:

1. Get a similar item in your closet, one that fits you perfectly.

2. Take a tape measure. 

3. Measure your item, placing it on a table and making sure it's perfectly flat.

Here's how to take measurements:

TOP PIECES (tees, shirts, sweaters...)

Mesures hautENG.jpg

1/2 shoulders: in the back, from seam to seam
1/2 chest: seam to seam under armpits
back length: from under the collar to the bottom of the item, right in the middle of the back
sleeve length: from shoulder seam to end of sleeve 
collar: inside the collar (this measure is used as the size on some shirts, a size 40 meaning the collar measure is 40cm)

NB : for some items, especially those with raglan sleeves, sleeve length is merged with chest width in a single measure, 1/2 arm span, measured from the middle of the collar to the end of the sleeve.


1/2 waist: width at waist level
1/2 thigh: width from inseam to side of thigh
1/2 hem: width at leg opening
length under belt: total length of leg from under belt
inseam: length from seam to hem
rise: from top of belt to inseam