About bien bien habillés

bien bien habillés (which could translate as "fairly well dressed") is a Parisian store created in 2015, dedicated to men’s fashion, in the trendy Batignolles district.

We created it with 2 goals in mind:

  • resisting the standardization of men’s fashion by large worldwide brands, by offering brands which are different, new, rare, and show strong personality and style;

  • helping change consumers’ behaviours towards more sustainable choices, by selecting brands with high environmental and social standards.

Different brands

bien bien habillés offers brands handpicked for their quality, personality, style and uniqueness, coming from various regions to broaden perspectives (France, Italy, UK, US, Northern Europe, Asia…).

We focus on emerging brands, with limited presence in French and Parisian stores, in order to offer a different selection. Each item is available in limited quantities, so you don’t end up looking like every other guy!

Committed brands

We select brands which are aiming for high standards on social, environmental and humanitarian aspects:

- using organic and recycled materials ; developing cleaner production processes ; using greener, harmless inks and dyes...

- producing in Europe, in the brand's home country, or under social labels…

- using local know-how, and contributing to perpetuate traditional craftsmanship...

- initiating or taking part in humanitarian actions and charities...

We’re aware there is no 100% perfect brand, but we privilege those who are working hard for a better, sustainable fashion industry, and your choices can contribute!

A global commitment

We also do our best to select environment-friendly suppliers whenever possible: our hangers are made in France from sustainable wood, we use recycled packaging for our shipments, the store uses green energy and low consumption LED lights, our cash register prints tickets on sustainable and harmless chemical-free paper, our bags are fully recyclable...